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Goals of consortium


  • Academic Program Development – faculty at these colleges will work closely with each other and with industry and government representatives to enhance existing, or develop new, academic pro- grams for students interested in working in businesses that design, industrialize, distribute or assess alternative energy for the benefit of Long Island, New York State and the nation as a whole.

  • Cross Registration – students attending one of the participating colleges and universities will be able to register for courses related to renewable and alternative energy technology and development at any of the participating colleges and universities. Students can choose courses that suit their personal career goals and that reflect the diverse capabilities of six outstanding institutions while graduating from their registered institution.

  • Lectures and Conferences – in order to facilitate the discovery and understanding of key issues in the field, the Consortium will sponsor a series of lectures and conferences relating to sustainable and alternate energy, bringing in experts to interact with students, faculty, government agencies and private companies.

  • Internships – companies, government agencies, colleges, and universities will collaborate to enable students to acquire meaning- ful, job-related work experiences on Long Island, earn academic credit, and develop skills, insight and experience that will guide their future careers.

  • Job Fairs – one aspect of the Consortium’s efforts will be to develop a marketplace where Long Island businesses can find well-prepared students to work in Long Island’s emerging energy sector, through job fairs, college and university placement offices, and faculty/ internship referrals.

  • Collaborative Research – the Consortium will link Long Island’s world-class college and university resources in basic and applied research to Long Island’s business and government communities in order to bring innovative solutions to their impending energy problems.


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