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For employers interested in developing their internship programs, it is encouraged that they contact both the departments on campus relevant to their field and the Stony Brook Career Center. Additionally, many students have developed rich electronic portfolios exhibiting their academic and personal work which can be freely perused.

SBU Academic Departments

SBU Career Center

Student E-Portfolios

SBU Career Center’s Employer’s Guide to Internships

SBU Career Center’s Students’ Guide to Internships

A Guide to Hiring Interns

InternBridge (a company focused on internship research)

Source :  Tom Orvis

Links to Websites for finding Internships

Stony Brook University Career center:


CEAS Internships:

Long Island regional STEM Hub:

Undergraduate internship application:

NASA Internships : The deadline is March 1st.  To apply, visit to complete your base application and apply for up to 15 specific internship opportunities.


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